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Religion has no place in education

October 10, 2013


Schools should not be run on a faith basis. End of story. And I cannot fathom why anybody thinks it is acceptable.

The problem with gay people and pasta

September 29, 2013


I never thought that pasta was a straight-only kind of dish. In fact, I always thought anyone could eat whatever they liked, regardless of sexual orientation. But apparently that's not the case for one pasta brand.

Adoption parties: how to find a new family

September 24, 2013


Some have branded it a beauty parade. Others see it as a great way to find the right chemistry. Are so-called 'adoption parties' the way forward for family-less kids in the UK?

What I miss most about university

September 22, 2013


Seven years since I started university, I miss it. But it isn’t the lack of responsibility I miss the most, turning up to lectures still drunk from the night before, endless summers doing nothing. What I miss most is the learning. That’s not what university is for, I hear you cry. University is to figure out […]

Snow shovel: an olive branch?

November 25, 2011


I received a leaflet through my letterbox yesterday. 'Help your neighbours if it snows', it said, encouraging me to clear the pavement outside my front door and, ifnecessary, do the job for the elderly next door.

That newspaper, I believe, is mine

October 24, 2011


Returning from a recent trip to north Wales, I was very, very bored. Sitting as the train rattled its way through the 15 stations between Euston and Tooting Bec, I thought: what would make this journey less boring?

Go west, life is peaceful there

October 19, 2011


I spent most of my high school years believing that Poland was located somewhere above France. Despite sitting through numerous history lessons about the world wars and German invasions, I still harboured the belief that Poland was an island somewhere north of the UK.