Reds Bar and Grill, Wimbledon – review

Posted on November 29, 2011


I love American food. I hate chain restaurants. This has led to difficulties when the deep fried craving hits.

Thankfully, I have found the solution. Reds Bar and Grill, Wimbledon, has all the best bits of American food without the grease, sugar and cheese – literal and metaphorical.

Right in Wimbledon town centre, Reds has two areas: the bar/restaurant section at the front and, towards the back, a more restauranty space. This is where I dined, and the atmosphere is much more cosy down the back, with a quirky combo of cushioned benches and weird artwork. Don’t be put off by the ‘bar’ bit, though, as it’s only a few stools propped up against a bar rather than a full on boozer.

The menu is a bit of a mess. A near A3 sheet crammed full of meal options, it lists everything from seafood options to steaks and burgers. Trying to be good, I didn’t have a starter, and when the mains arrived I was glad that I didn’t.

I opted for the chicken alambres. Usually associated with tacos, these were on skewers and served with spiced chips. Both were delicious and cooked just right. It came with a pepper sauce, which was delicious but hella spicy – thank goodness they put it in a pot on the side.

My companion went for the ribs, opting for the whole rack rather than half, and they were soft, sticky and scrumptious. We ordered onion rings as a side, and these were the only bit I wasn’t a fan of – although ‘real’ rings, they were just a tad greasy for my liking.

Needless to say, there was no room for dessert.

The staff were initially very good, being very friendly and offering advice on the meals. The waiter even accommodated my obscure request to have a burger topping with my non-burger meal after experiencing an intense craving for halloumi. After the meal, though, no one offered us a dessert or coffees menu and we had to chase someone down to get the bill, despite it not being hugely busy.

On price, it was fairly decent, especially considering the size of the meals. Mains ranged from around £10 for a basic meal to £18 for a steak and I felt it was great value. There was a decent range of drinks at a reasonable price, too, which always helps.

Overall, I’d recommend it. I’ll be heading back soon to try the epic-looking Reds burger.

Reds Bar and Grill, Wimbledon | 020 8540 8308

Image from mrsdkrebs‘s Flickr photostream.

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