Celebrity Masterchef 2011 – wherefore art thou…

Posted on September 18, 2011


You can't fault the original Masterchef

When I read that Celebrity Masterchef 2011 was starting, I was so excited. Despite having a few niggles with the last Masterchef, I remain attached – perhaps unhealthily so – to the wonders of Greg Wallace and John Torode’s expressive critiques.

Every evening, I flicked onto BBC1 in the expectation that celebrities and their initially poor yet somehow endearing cookery attempts would soon be gracing my screen.

It never came. At first, I was not worried – I must have just missed it when it first aired, I believed. But then I googled ‘Celebrity Masterchef 2011’ and found, to my dismay, that it was being broadcast in the daytime.

How could they do this to me? How could they do this to any Masterchef fan? Okay, so the last series was kind of annoying – we all know that I was not a fan of the large, shiny kitchens, contestants cooking their little hearts out in branded aprons while their families sobbed in the wings. That aside, I still would have watched the celeb version in the evenings. It is, in my view, still prime time television. It is not, as the Beeb seems to have decided, suitable to be defined as the same level of daytime mulch as Antiques Roadshow and Loose Women.

When I finally watched the programme – four episodes in an iPlayer catchup marathon – I sank into the delicious, warm happiness of retro Masterchef.

Big, shiny kitchens – gone. Dramatic family scenes – gone. Long, drawn out eliminations – gone. The small, intimate kitchens have returned and, best of all, John and Greg are back to their usual selves, making chirpy comments and big, overblown statements of marvellousness. All the best bits of original Masterchef have returned and the worst bits of the reinvented version chopped. Unhappy though I am that it is now classed as student television, it’s so worth it for the better format to have returned. And, since I have Sky+, I can record it every day and watch it at my leisure. Bliss.

On a small aside, any Masterchef fan who hasn’t seen the video below needs to watch it immediately

Image from yelp.com‘s photostream at Flickr.

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