Jamie’s 30-minute meals – jerk chicken

Posted on February 6, 2011


Jerk chicken - tasty flavours and aromas all round

Jamie’s 30-minute meals have taken a bit of flack for being more like 60-minute meals. So when I attempted to make one of them – well, parts of one – I expected to be in for the long haul.

I have to confess to being a huge fan of Mr Oliver. The vast majority of his cookbooks line my kitchen wall, and his Thai green curry from Ministry of Food seriously rivals the genuine article from the Thai place up the road. So when this latest book came out, well, I just had to add it to my collection.

First order from the book was the jerk chicken. Now I’m not one for lifting recipes from books and, sadly, the recipe isn’t on the 30-minute meals website. But for owners of the book, it’s certainly one to try.

Comprising succulent honeyed chicken in a jerk sauce, rice and beans and corn on the cob, the only bit I really skipped was the salad – it looked like quite enough food without adding in more greenery.

A wedge of lime and it's good to go

So how long did it take? A second confession: a little cheating did go on here. I prepared the sauce beforehand, but given that I don’t have an uber-expensive and fantastically functional food processor, I think that’s fair game. Having prepped the sauce beforehand, the total cooking time was around half an hour. So thumbs up on that front.

And it was all pretty tasty. Just a couple of things that I have learned for next time:

  • The recommended six tablespoons of golden rum does make it very, very boozy.
  • Swapping in red wine vinegar for white wine vinegar works just fine. As does swapping thighs and wings for chicken breast.
  • Using one scotch bonnet chilli pepper is like using twenty standard chillies.
  • When halving a recipe, remember to halve everything – that means for half the volume of rice, use half a stock cube rather than one. Otherwise you get very chickeny rice.

My only gripe with good ol’ Jamie on this occasion is that, despite the television series the book’s based on clearly being for people with more money than time (although I have neither), it was broadcast at half five in the evening. How many middle-class professionals are home at that hour?

Image from Aimee Steen‘s photostream at Flickr.

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