Battle of the pizzas – Pizza Hut, Domino’s or Pizza Express?

Posted on February 3, 2011


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t indulge in some pizza goodness every now and again. Sometimes it’s just what’s needed to fill a small (or gaping) hole, no matter how many nice restaurants are around the corner. But when it comes to that delicious doughy delight, who makes the best pizza?

Pizza Hut - hot and cheesy

Pizza Hut

It’s hard to go to any town without stumbling across a Pizza Hut. Putting aside the strange Pasta Hut campaign of 2009, it’s a long-established brand and has been feeding people from boxes and plates since 1958.

Pros: Personally, I like the topping combos. If I need a good fill of carbs and meat, Pizza Hut satisfies both cravings in one go. Its meat might be processed but for processed meat, it doesn’t taste disgusting. The tomato sauce used on the base is very, well, tomatoey. And although I rarely get to hang around town centres at lunchtime in the week anymore, its lunchtime buffet is excellent value.

Cons: On occasion, staff have been known to overcook the pizzas a little, turning the cheese from meltingly soft into brownly chewy. The pizza is somewhat greasier than other providers, but then low calorie probably isn’t what you’re going for if you’re eating pizza.


Cooking pizza since 1960, Domino’s has also been around for a while. A delivery outlet rather than a restaurant, it came to the UK later than Pizza Hut but is pretty popular today.

Domino's - spicy and scrummy

Pros: Much less greasy than Pizza Hut. Its garlic and herb dip is simply delicious, even in the knowledge that it’s something like 98% fat. It does some cracking deals – January 2011’s ‘buy a large pizza and get two sides or desserts for free’ has to be one of the best, especially for its attempts to tempt all the new year dieters.

Cons: I have absolutely no idea what goes into its sausage, but it feels somewhat like a man-made material rather than anything comprising any meat. They can be a little stingy on the toppings sometimes compared to the menu illustrations.

Pizza Express

Starting up in the UK in the 60s, Pizza Express has made a name for itself as a slightly more upmarket pizzeria. With bits of green perched among other toppings, fresh is the name of the game for this restaurant.

Pizza Express - posh and pretty

Pros: With authentically Italian named pizzas, many of the toppings here are as far away from the two above as you can get – goats’ cheese, rocket, parma ham, etc. Less cheese makes the pizzas feel a little healthier, and thin bases feel very European. It’s always doing deals, a particular favourite of mine the Orange Wednesdays’ two for one pizza deal.

Cons: If what you need is a load of stodge, Pizza Express could leave you a little disappointed. To counter this, order pizza plus the lovely dough balls.

And the winner is…

If I’m going to go and sit down in a restaurant and eat pizza, Pizza Express wins hands down. But if I just want to fill that pizza craving, it mainly depends on whether I’m closer to Pizza Hut or Domino’s for who wins that particular battle.

Images from Xin Li 88, alicialee17 and Scorpions and Centaurs‘ photostreams at Flickr.

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