Woburn Tandoori, Camden – review

Posted on January 10, 2011


Woburn Tandoori is tucked away by Euston station

If one day you visited your mum’s house and, for some bizarre reason, she had crammed several tables into the front room, stuck some preppy Asian pop on the CD player and gathered a staff to serve delicious Indian food, you might get an idea of what Woburn Tandoori is like.

Nestled in a little back street close to London Euston station, you probably wouldn’t come across this little gem unless you knew where to look. From the outside, it’s nothing special – you can barely see in through the windows, and there’s not much to see if you do sneak a peek. There’s, at most, twelve or so tables, in rows on each side with a walkway straight up the middle. It’s literally as if somebody has taken a living room and popped in some seating. Cosy is the right word.

We were seated promptly by polite staff. Despite turning up at around 9pm on a Saturday night, our party of six was accommodated in the relatively quiet restaurant by being tucked into two tables at the far end. This did mean that we were positioned directly behind the till and a fridge, but with plenty of space at the table itself it wasn’t a huge problem.

The menu was comprehensive in length, but not hugely so in detail. The waiter was, though, helpful and knowledgeable when asked, for example, how spicy a particular curry was. I chose a chicken pasanda and one of my companions a lamb saagwala (a particularly pleasing find in the form of a curry with spinach, given that several Indians previously visited have not heard of such a dish). At £6.95 each the prices were very reasonable, with a £2.20 pilau rice plenty between two. Dishes were not huge in size, but were delicious, with delicate flavour combinations and distinct tastes in each one.

Similarly priced naans and a range of starters and sides covered most traditional Indian dishes. Curry prices did become marginally more expensive for special dishes. Drinks were again reasonably priced, with pint-sized bottles of beer available. The house wine – with no further details than it being wine of the house – was not too pleasant, however, with a very sweet white being served.

Overall, it was a very cosy, homely dining experience. Providing a relaxed environment with excellent food at good prices, Woburn Tandoori is certainly one to try for good food without the pretension.

Woburn Tandoori, 16 Woburn Walk, London WC1H 0JL / 020 7383 7957.

Image from Jo Peattie‘s photostream at Flickr.

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