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Posted on May 17, 2010


Because the web is quite good

When doing various journo-based bits of research, I come across lots of websites that I think are just great, for one reason or another. Which got me thinking that sharing these websites would be a really good idea, as other people might love them too.

And as people rarely click on a link purely by virtue of it being hyperlinked, a bit of analysis and explanation should probably go with it too.

Which leads me to a new category for my blog – great websites. The link between journalism, technology and just finding good stuff on the web. My first entry on this theme is a site I came across a couple of years ago when researching sites that could help charities without actually spending any money. Enter…

Your correct answers mean ten grains of rice

We’d all love to help charities a little more, right? Well, this website makes it easy to do and is hugely addictive at the same time. is a vocabulary game site where for every answer you get right, ten grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

You are presented with a screen with one word and a list of four others, and you have to select which word means the same as the first. Sounds easy? Levels go up to 60 and people rarely get above 50. That doesn’t mean you can’t, though. Try it. Go on…

Why you’ll love it

There’s nothing like a site that’s addictive, improves your English skills and helps a good cause at the same time – in April 2010, they collected a whopping 1,257,599,650 grains of rice. It’s paid for by the people displaying banners at the bottom of the page, and if you get bored of the vocabulary game (which might take a while) you can try out plenty of other subjects including geography, art and French.

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