Congratulations, Mr Brown

Posted on April 29, 2010


Go on, you know you want to. Or not.

Well done, PM. Congratulations on yet another sterling performance proving you’re not that aggressive, bullying leader that recent reports said you were.

By now most people will have seen reports on Mr Brown’s slip-up calling an ordinary citizen ‘bigoted’ as he was whisked away from the scene. And one of the first considerations on my mind was what on earth the other two would have to say about it. Disappointingly, they were both rather mature about it. I was hoping for a ‘ha, ha!’ at the very least.

Which brings us to tonight, the final showdown, the debate to end all debates. Well, that’s if it brings any respite from the broken records the three leaders have managed to emulate for the past two episodes of free publicity.

Despite the debates having pre-arranged topics, all three somehow seem to have spouted precisely the same spiel on each occasion. I wonder if they even notice they’re doing it, or if they’re just pre-programmed with a certain number of keywords to repeat at a certain density.

Will any of them bring up Brown’s opinions on people who talk immigration? It’ll be interesting to see whether he manages to make any jokes only he finds funny about that one.

It’s no wonder that people are becoming disillusioned with politics. They’re all chiming the same message – choosing between them pretty much comes down to an analysis based on who doesn’t look and act like a robot, who doesn’t bore the country and then make silly gaffes, or who doesn’t claim they can run the country on an idealistic vision. Which leaves us with…hmm.

But in a fit of electoral spirit, I googled, “Who should I vote for?” which led me to Who Should You Vote For? And guess what. I should vote green. GREEN. In fact, what I think I should do is leave the country.

Image from Adam Tinworth‘s photostream @ Flickr.

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