re:new issue 2 now online

Posted on March 9, 2010


After blood, sweat and tears over the first issue…here’s the second issue. Click on the pic to go straight to the online version of the magazine.

Ever seen a large selection of variously aged people standing naked as the day they were born over two pages of a magazine? No? Flick to page 16 to check it out. As well as the fabulous pictures, it really is worth a read.

And if that gets a little bit lighthearted, see page 6 for our debate on assisted suicide – where do you stand?

Then, of course, there’s what I’ve written. Check out page 5 for my piece on the death of languages, and find out about the wonders of contemporary jewellery on page 31.

Any thoughts or comments, let me know – we love feedback, good or bad!

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