Green cars getting greener and greener

Posted on January 30, 2010


Green cars - everyone's trying to make one

Next task on the automotive journalism course list – choose a company to follow.

Given that I know so little about cars, I had a little look around before deciding which company to follow. We needed to pick one that’s likely to be doing some environmentally friendly stuff over the next few months, and the main thing I discovered was how big a topic it is. Everybody‘s doing it. Honda, Volvo and even Rolls Royce all have their own dedicated environment sections on their websites.

If a car really did this, I'd buy it

I rather like the Rolls Royce one – while everybody else is competing to reduce their carbon emissions, they’re boasting about their plant’s living roof (the largest in the UK, apparently).

So after a little browsing, I settled on Citroën (though it will be more than a little annoying inserting a special character every time I want to write it) which, of course, has its own environment section. The choice is based mainly on an article I read on the Green Car Guide detailing the eco-friendly cars Citroën is releasing this year, though the funky dancing robot in their adverts also helped.

So, Citroën it is. Hopefully they’ll create a car that runs on fresh air this year so I’ve got something really exciting to talk about.
Images taken from (aka Brent)‘s photostream and Scott Matthewman‘s photostream.
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