The next Jeremy Clarkson…sort of

Posted on January 21, 2010


The next big thing for motor journalism? Maybe not...

So another term has started in journoland (aka Cardiff School of Journalism) and one of the first decisions I had to make is: do I want to be the next Jeremy Clarkson? (The female version, of course.)

The decision I really had to make was whether I wanted to do normal ‘Features II’ (in which I’d learn to write in many different ways and even go down into the dark, scary world of the Welsh valleys and talk to those strange people down there like fellow maglabbers Lisa Blake and Laura Jones) or learn about automotive journalism.

I opted for automotive journalism.

So, what do I know about cars? Absolutely nothing. Well, that’s not quite true.

Girls and cars - good mix?

  • I know that my last MOT cost £324, though I couldn’t tell you what I had done.
  • I know that to check the oil, tyre pressure and occasionally even get a quick carwash, I check my car into the garage of mum’s boyfriend.
  • I know that if I don’t clean the inside of my car, it just gets messier and messier. 

So I’ve decided to do the automotive journalism course. Not as a way to bump up my knowledge about cars, because I think that’s beyond salvation. Just because I think it might be interesting. Watch this space for my journey into the world of car journalism.

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