You’re going to have to face it (you’re addicted to Facebook)

Posted on November 17, 2009


There’s been some completely shocking, almost unbelievable news knocking around this week – girls are addicted to Facebook.

Who’d have thunk it? Teenage girls are spending too much of their lives on social networking sites. But aren’t they also spending too much time out on the streets being hooligans? Hmm.

This article from the BBC talks about parents being concerned over the amount of time their children spend on sites such as these. Alright. Fair enough. But spending a high proportion of my youth on MySpace didn’t do me any harm.

Apart from obsessing completely over getting a gigantic list of friends (even to the extent that I joined a ‘friends train’. Remember those? Still getting invites. Ugh.)

Personally, I think it might be a good thing. If it stops them causing trouble. We won’t see the crippling affects on their social skills (and that’s real social, not how to obtain thousands of online friends within milliseconds) for another ten years or so. There’ll be something else to worry about by then.

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