Welcome, technophobes

Posted on October 12, 2009


Hands up if you like technology. Anyone? Maybe there’s a few hands at the back. Way, way back. Fair enough.

Lots of us hate technology. Lots of us are self-confessed technophobes who would rather await the eventual arrival of snail-mail rather than having to do literally everything online.

I have one aim: make it all a little simpler. And even (perhaps) interesting.

Now I’m not setting myself up as some sort of Frag Doll, though I do now have a disproportionate amount of Xbox knowledge due to being (unwillingly) subjected to it on a daily basis by the male in my flat.(Incidentally, I never, ever, ever want to hear a Beatles song ever again after listening to somebody insist on completing every single one to expert level – and not completing any of them first time.)

But there’s loads of interesting technology out there – and I’m going to track it down. Keep your eyes peeled for more – and there’ll be no tecchie terms. I promise.

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