The blog revolution

Posted on September 29, 2009


After weeks of hinting, cajoling, rib-poking and general harassment from all those who know how to get on in the journalistic world, I have created my own blog. Finally.

Unlike this person, this person, and even (shockingly) this person, I have left it until over a week into studying a rather good journalism course to set one up. I have no excuse. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m a tiny bit old school when it comes to journalism. Maybe it’s because I sort of believe that things should be immortalised in print to be worth writing. Maybe I’m just lazy.

Either way, despite being dragged into the technological age kicking and screaming, I am geared up to take the plunge, surf the web and perhaps reduce the overuse of dramatic imagery. Perhaps.

Hopefully, I’ve ticked all the boxes so far for being a journalist online. All of my networking profiles are private, so any potential ‘friends’ will of course be subjected to vetting prior to acceptance. 

A quick name run through Google doesn’t reveal anything too incriminating – a bit from Running In Heels, Student Savvy and of course a very interesting interview with Ade Edmondson are all that come up (in an utterly shameless publicity plug). Though I have admittedly only looked three pages along, so anything else that doesn’t look good is not me – it’s the other Aimee Steen that exists somewhere. Honest.

I am yet to join the so-called Twitterati, but it’s on the list. Begrudgingly. Maybe by this time next week I’ll be happily tweeting along with the rest of them. Ah, joy.

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